The Monk datastore static data object model.


Interface Summary
Container A container.
Feature A feature.

Class Summary
AggregateContainer An aggregate container.
AggregateCounter An aggregate counter.
Author An author.
Author.Comparator A multi-column author comparator.
AuthorBirthYearCriterion An author birth year search criterion.
AuthorCriterion An author search criterion.
AuthorDeathYearCriterion An author death year search criterion.
AuthorFlourishedPatternCriterion An author flourished pattern search criterion.
AuthorGenderPatternCriterion An author gender pattern search criterion.
AuthorNamePatternCriterion An author name pattern search criterion.
AuthorNumCorporaCriterion An author number of corpora search criterion.
AuthorNumWorksCriterion An author number of works search criterion.
AuthorOriginPatternCriterion An author origin pattern search criterion.
AuthorSummaryCountCriterion An author summary count search criterion.
CaseCategory A case part of speech category.
CaseCategory.Comparator A multi-column case category comparator.
CaseCriterion A part of speech case category search criterion.
CirculationYearCriterion A circulation year search criterion.
ComboFeature A combination feature.
Concordance A concordance.
Constants Constants.
ContextPatternCriterion A context pattern search criterion.
CoreObject A core object.
CoreObjectCriterion A core object search criterion.
Corpus A corpus.
Corpus.Comparator A multi-column corpus comparator.
CorpusCriterion A corpus search criterion.
CorpusNumAuthorsCriterion A corpus number of authors search criterion.
CorpusNumWorksCriterion A corpus number of works search criterion.
CorpusSummaryCountCriterion A corpus summary count search criterion.
CorpusTitlePatternCriterion A corpus title pattern search criterion.
CountCumCriterion A cumulative count search criterion.
CountCumMainCriterion A cumulative count over main text (non-paratext) search criterion.
Counter<T extends Container & Comparable<? super T>,S extends Feature & Comparable<? super S>> A counter.
Counter.Comparator<T extends Container & Comparable<? super T>,S extends Feature & Comparable<? super S>> A multi-column counter comparator.
CountNonCumCriterion A non-cumulative count search criterion.
CountNonCumMainCriterion A non-cumulative count over main text (non-paratext) search criterion.
DebugUtils Debugging utilities for the datastore test servlet.
DegreeCategory A degree part of speech category.
DegreeCategory.Comparator A multi-column degree category comparator.
DegreeCriterion A part of speech degree category search criterion.
DoubleCriterion A type double numeric search criterion.
DoubleRange A range of non-negative doubles.
EndOfSentenceCriterion An end of sentence search criterion.
FreqCumCriterion A cumulative frequency search criterion.
FreqCumMainCriterion A cumulative frequency over main text (non-paratext) search criterion.
FreqNonCumCriterion A non-cumulative frequency search criterion.
FreqNonCumMainCriterion A non-cumulative frequency over main text (non-paratext) search criterion.
HeadWord A headword combination feature.
Lemma A lemma.
Lemma.Comparator A multi-column lemma comparator.
LemmaBigram A lemma bigram.
LemmaCriterion A lemma search criterion.
LemmaHeadWordPatternCriterion A lemma headword pattern search criterion.
LemmaHomonymCriterion An lemma homonym number search criterion.
LemmaPatternCriterion A lemma pattern search criterion.
LemPos A LemPos combination feature.
LongCriterion A type long numeric criterion.
LongRange A range of non-negative longs.
MajorWordClass A major word class.
MajorWordClass.Comparator A multi-column major word class comparator.
MajorWordClassCriterion A major word class search criterion.
ModelInit Model initialization.
MoodCategory A mood part of speech category.
MoodCategory.Comparator A multi-column mood category comparator.
MoodCriterion A part of speech mood category search criterion.
MultiColumnComparator A multi-column comparator.
NegativeCategory A negative part of speech category.
NegativeCategory.Comparator A multi-column number category comparator
NegativeCriterion A part of speech negative category search criterion.
NumberCategory A number part of speech category.
NumberCategory.Comparator A multi-column number category comparator.
NumberCriterion A part of speech number category search criterion.
NumericCriterion A numeric search criterion.
NumericRange A range of numbers.
ParatextCriterion A paratext search criterion.
PatternCriterion A pattern search criterion.
PersonCategory A person part of speech category.
PersonCategory.Comparator A multi-column person category comparator.
PersonCriterion A part of speech person category search criterion.
Pos A part of speech.
Pos.Comparator A multi-column part of speech comparator.
PosCriterion A part of speech search criterion.
PosPatternCriterion A part of speech pattern search criterion.
PosTrigram A pos trigram.
SearchCriteria A set of search criteria with debugging facilities.
SearchCriterion A search criterion.
Searcher The grand unified searcher.
SentenceInWorkOrdinalCriterion A sentence in work ordinal search criterion.
Spelling A spelling.
SpellingCriterion A spelling search criterion.
SpellingLengthCriterion A spelling length search criterion.
SpellingPatternCriterion A spelling pattern search criterion.
StandardSpellingPatternCriterion A standard spelling pattern search criterion.
SummaryCountCriterion A summary count criterion.
SummaryCounts A collection of summary counts.
SyntaxCategory A syntax part of speech category.
SyntaxCategory.Comparator A multi-column syntax category comparator.
SyntaxCriterion A part of speech syntax category search criterion.
TaggedObject A tagged object.
TenseCategory A tense part of speech category.
TenseCategory.Comparator A multi-column tense category comparator.
TenseCriterion A part of speech tense category search criterion.
VerseCriterion A verse search criterion.
Word A word.
Word.Comparator A multi-column word comparator.
WordClass A word class.
WordClass.Comparator A multi-column word class comparator.
WordClassCriterion A word class search criterion.
WordColOrdinalCriterion A word colocation ordinal search criterion.
WordForm A word form combination feature.
WordInSentenceOrdinalCriterion A word in sentence ordinal search criterion.
WordNumPartsCriterion A word number of parts search criterion.
WordPart A word part.
WordTagCriterion A word tag search criterion.
WordWorkOrdinalCriterion A word work ordinal search criterion.
Work A work.
Work.Comparator A multi-column work comparator.
WorkAvailabilityPatternCriterion A work availability pattern search criterion.
WorkCriterion A work search criterion.
WorkGenrePatternCriterion A work genre pattern search criterion.
WorkNumAuthorsCriterion A work number of authors search criterion.
WorkPart A work part.
WorkPart.Comparator A multi-column work part comparator.
WorkPartAncestorOfCriterion A work part ancestor of criterion.
WorkPartCriterion A work part search criterion.
WorkPartDescendantOfCriterion A work part descendant of criterion.
WorkPartHasChildrenCriterion A work part has children search criterion.
WorkPartHasWordsCriterion A work part has words search criterion.
WorkPartLevelCriterion A work part level search criterion.
WorkPartSiblingOfCriterion A work part sibling of criterion.
WorkPartSummaryCountCriterion An work part summary count search criterion.
WorkPartTagPatternCriterion A work part tag pattern search criterion.
WorkPartTitlePatternCriterion A work part title pattern search criterion.
WorkPartTypePatternCriterion A work part type pattern search criterion.
WorkSubgenrePatternCriterion A work subgenre pattern search criterion.
WorkSummaryCountCriterion A work summary count search criterion.
WorkTagPatternCriterion A work tag pattern search criterion.
WorkTitlePatternCriterion A work title pattern search criterion.
YesNoCriterion A yes/no search criterion.

Enum Summary
Arity An arity (unigram, bigram, or trigram).
Author.SortOption Author sorting options.
CaseCategory.SortOption Case category sorting options.
Corpus.SortOption Corpus sorting options.
Counter.SortOption Counter sorting options.
CumKind A cumulative kind.
DegreeCategory.SortOption Degree category sorting options.
FeatureKind A feature kind.
Lemma.SortOption Lemma sorting options.
MainKind A main text kind.
MajorWordClass.SortOption Major word class sorting options.
MoodCategory.SortOption Mood category sorting options.
NegativeCategory.SortOption Negative category sorting options.
NumberCategory.SortOption Number category sorting options.
PersonCategory.SortOption Person category sorting options.
Pos.SortOption Part of speech sorting options.
Spelling.SortOption Spelling sorting options.
SyntaxCategory.SortOption Syntax category sorting options.
TenseCategory.SortOption Tense category sorting options.
Word.SortOption Word sorting options.
WordClass.SortOption Word class sorting options.
Work.SortOption Work sorting options.
WorkPart.SortOption Work part sorting options.
YesNo A yes/no option.

Exception Summary
ModelException A model exception.

Package Description

The Monk datastore static data object model.

This package implements the object model for the static data in Monk. It is a central component of the Monk server. It defines the static Monk objects and their attributes and relationships. It maintains and guarantees the structural integrity of the model as defined by the relationships. It encapsulates and hides the implementation details of the static datastore, currently a MySQL relational database.

The model is thread-safe.

The model package uses a deep and broad class hierarchy. You will find the tree view of the package very useful. A good deal of the documentation has been factored into abstract base classes. Indeed, some of the abstract base classes serve no purpose other than as containers for factored javadoc. When you use the javadoc for a class, be sure to read all the javadoc for all the parent classes too, because much of the relevant information is documented in the parent classes.

See also: Monk Datastore Overview, Licensing Agreement.